What Can You Do

Invasive species are a global problem and everyone can play a part in preventing their introduction and spread. The goal of this section is to provide information on how residents can take action and prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species.

Get Involved

Help out in your community. Partner with organizations and become an active citizen.

Recreate Responsibly

As outdoor enthusiasts its our responsibility to act as land stewards, follow this steps:

  • Before traveling clean or brush off your:
    • Shoes and clothes
    • Pets and stock
    • Vehicles and tires
    • Drain, Clean, Dry your boat and watercraft
    • Any other equipment that can carry seeds or plants
  • Follow the slogan Play Clean Go. To stop invsasive species in your tracks.
  • Don’t move firewood
  • Try to Leave No Trace. Not only will you prevent the spread of weeds, but you will also help preserve the health and beauty of Wyoming’s landscape.

Go Native

Native species have evolved with traits suited to Wyoming’s ecosystems. Limit the chances of introducing an invasive by:

  • Using native plants and seeds. Ask your local nursery to start carrying more native plants.
  • Knowing your plant source. Many invasive species are unintentionally transported on nursery stock and seed mixes.
  • Try to avoid disturbing natural areas whenever possible.
  • Planting, mulching, or covering disturbed or bare areas.
  • Check out the Revegetation Pamphlet for guidance.

Certified Weed Free

Whenever possible use certified weed free products.

  • Use weed free hay and forage for your livestock
  • Use weed free seed in agriculture
  • Use weed free gravel and mulch in construction


Develop your plant identification skills:


The earlier weeds are reported, the better chance of control.

Management and Followup

Knowing is half the battle, now its time to take action and control the spread of invasives.

Become a licensed pesticide applicator!