2016 State Educational Video Contest

Sponsored by the Wyoming Weed & Pest Council

We need your help! The Wyoming Weed & Pest Council is looking for educational content to help promote the PCG campaign within the state of Wyoming and potentially to a larger national audience. Accordingly we’d like to extend an invitation to the public, all Districts, as well as WWPC employees to create a short video to help us.

The PlayCleanGo campaign is a preventative outreach message that is meant to help elevate the issue of invasive species on a nation-wide scale. The intent is to provide people interacting with the outdoors with a clear call to action to become attentive and accountable for helping stop the spread of invasive plants, animals, insects, and pathogens.

Who: Any Wyoming resident that would like to help stop the spread of invasive species.

What: A 90 second or less video that creatively promotes the concept of PlayCleanGo to the targeted audience of outdoor enthusiasts. The video will need to have a brief introduction slide which includes the Wyoming Weed & Pest Council’s logo as well as the Play Clean Go logo. Additionally, each video is required to have a closing slide that includes the credits for who participated as well as references for any resources that require citation or credit. For ideas on types of messages please visit:

When: Videos will be due to the Education Committee by October 14, 2016 – so that they can be judged at the WWPC’s Fall Conference. Video delivery can be coordinated with Luke Sander

Why: The winning video will receive $600, the next two runners up will receive $300, and the next two after that will receive $150 a piece. And of course, you’ll be elevating the issue of invasive species while helping educate the recreating public on how they can ‘stop invasive species in their tracks.’

If you have any questions, please contact Luke Sander – 307-672-3740

EDRR Alert – Austrian Fieldcress

This detection is the first in Teton County, WY and the third detection in the state (Sublette and Park). 

Mark Daluge our Landowner Program Coordinator, has recently found an infestation of what we are confident is Austrian Fieldcress. This detection is the first in Teton County, WY and the third detection in the state (Sublette and Park). While we can’t be completely confident how Austrian fieldcress became introduced, we speculate that it was likely brought either in material used to construct a berm or potentially contaminated equipment. It appears to be spreading both by seed and aggressive lateral root creep. Since finding this primary infestation we have located one satellite infestation along a county road that sees relatively high traffic.

Austrian Fieldcress

Biocontrol In Your Backyard Documentary Release

Biocontrol in the Intermountain West – Educational Videos by InterMedia

Biocontrol In Your Backyard Documentary Release

Produced by InterMedia Productions

In the Intermountain West, land managers and researchers are creating
innovative biological control technologies with help from Forest Health
Protection entomologists and motivated science teachers.’

Documentary Film in Three Parts – Run Time 27 minutes
Produced by Carla Hoopes
Music by John McEuen
Copyrighted by US Forest Service and InterMedia Productions Partnerships, Bozeman, MT USA
Sponsored by Intermountain and Northern Regions State and Private Forestry, Ogden, UT USA

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