What Are Noxious Species?

Definition of Noxious Species

“Noxious species” are plants and animals that are considered detrimental to the health or welfare of Wyoming due to their ability to:

  • Aggressively invade native plant communities and/or agricultural crops
  • Be injurious or poisonous to livestock
  • Carry disease or parasites
  • Negatively impact management of agricultural systems and/or natural ecosystems.

Declared vs. Designated

Plants and animals that are determined to be “noxious” throughout the state of Wyoming are identified on the list of State Designated Weeds and Pests.

Additional plants and animals may be considered noxious in a particular county in Wyoming, but not throughout the entire state. In this case, the Weed and Pest District Office in that county can “declare” these species as noxious, and the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council and Wyoming Board of Agriculture may officially recognize them on the Declared Weeds and Pests List for that county.

Explanation of How Species are Added/Removed from List

Each Weed and Pest District Office in Wyoming is required to implement and pursue an effective management program for species on the State Designated and County Declared weed and pest lists.

New species are periodically added to each of these lists as new invaders enter the state and are targeted by our Early Detection, Rapid Response programs.