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There is a growing demand in North America for certified weed free forage, mulch and gravel as a way of preventing the introduction of noxious weeds into new areas.

The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) has developed a Weed Free Forage and Gravel program that sets standards to assure land managers that noxious weeds will not be spread through the movement of forage, hay, mulch, or gravel that is brought onto the property. In addition to providing guidelines for weed-free certification of these products, this program also provides trainings to ensure that standards are consistent among program participants throughout the continent.

Many federal, state, and local lands in Wyoming require the use of certified weed free forage and gravel on their properties. Any forage and gravel certified in Wyoming through the NAISMA WFF&G program must be free of the weed species listed in Appendix A of the minimum standards described below, as well as free of any of the weed species that have been designated or declared noxious in Wyoming.

NAISMA Weed Free Forage Program Minimum Certification Standards

NAISMA Weed Free Gravel Program Minimum Certification Standards

Weeds designated or declared noxious in Wyoming

How to request an inspection?
Please consult your local Weed & Pest District and request an inspection. Please allow a minimum of 7 days for inspection.
What is inspected?
Any field with a harvestable hay, straw, or forage product.
Surrounding ditches, fence rows, easements, roads, and stack yards are also included.
Who should request inspections?
Producers who will be transporting, selling, or using their product for use on or traveling through lands requiring North American Weed Free Certified Forage.
Many federal and state lands require certified forage.
Where is the product inspected?
Product must be inspected in the field of origin.
When should product be inspected?
Forage must be certified within 7 days of harvest.
Why should producers have their fields inspected and certified?
Certification will add a measure of quality to their product and will assist the producer in developing a long-term weed management plan for their field..

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What is certified weed free forage?
Hay, straw, or other forage product inspected and meeting the minimum requirements for weed free status as outlined by the North American Weed Free Forage Standards.

Who should use weed free forage products?
Anyone who will be using on or transporting forage through federal lands.
Anyone who uses forage products and wishes to reduce the risk of introducing invasive weeds onto their property.

When should I use weed free forage? Always!

Why should I use weed free forage products?
Weed free forage ensures the product you are using is free of invasive weeds.
Invasive weeds cost billions of dollars every year to control.
Invasive weeds threaten natural and agricultural resources.
It is a good land stewardship practice.

How do I know the forage I use is certified as North American Weed Free Forage (NAWFF)?
One of three marking systems will accompany the product.
Bales will be tied with official NAWFF colored twine.
An official NAWFF tag will be attached to each bale.
An official NAWFF transit certificate will accompany the load from its origin to its final destination.

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