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We’ll get right to it. All of us depend on healthy livestock, soils, and wildlife which require healthy native plants. However, there’s a real threat created by the rapid spread of invasive weeds and pests. If left unchecked, they could devastate entire ecosystems and everything that depends on them.

Invasive species such as weeds, plants, insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing agents can interrupt the production of livestock, crops, and rangeland. The good news is there are simple ways you can help reduce the spread — even stop it completely.

Local families and communities are counting on all of us to protect and preserve our natural resources. Together we can keep Wyoming wild & beautiful.



Clean trailers, work vehicles and equipment to remove mud, plants, and hidden pests.

Clean horses’ hooves regularly to protect against the spread of plants from one section of your land to the other.

Use certified weed-free products:

• Use weed-free hay and forage for your livestock
• Use weed-free seed in agriculture
• Use weed-free gravel and mulch in construction


Know your native plants

Wyoming Native Plant Society