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We’ll get right to it. Invasive species are a major threat to Wyoming’s wildlife and ecosystems. The good news is there are simple ways you can help reduce the spread — even stop it completely. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do.

Recreationalists, Tourists, and Adventure Seekers

With more and more folks embracing outdoor recreation in these parts, protecting the wild places we love is essential. Pesky weeds and seeds hitch rides on your boots, clothes, and gear to get around. And wherever they end up, they harm native local plants and wildlife. The Wyoming Weed & Pest Council is counting on you to help keep the cowboy state wild and beautiful. It’s easy. Just remember ABC — Always Be Cleaning!


Pro tip: Stay on designated trails to prevent introducing more invasives to common areas.

Clean footwear, clothes, packs, and pets before and after exploring or hunting.

Clean horses’ hooves and feed them weed-free certified hay before your adventure.

Clean, drain, and dry your watercraft, and angling gear.


Clean trailers and recreational vehicles to remove mud, plants, and hidden pests before traveling.

Buy certified heat-treated firewood where you plan to burn it or gather it on site when permitted.

Learn about invasive species in your area and report them if found.