Standing Committee

“Standing Committees” are created by the Wyoming Weed & Pest Council to do focused work for the council. Standing committees are created and dissolved by a vote of the Council. The WWPC president appoints the chairman and members of each committee with approval from the Executive Board of Directors These committees compile reports for the Council at least once a year. The Biological Control and Public Relations Committees have their own money to carry out their duties. These funds and books are audited along with the WWPC’s on an annual basis.

WWPC Standing Committees include:

  1. Agricultural Committee

    The purpose of the Agricultural Committee is to coordinate efforts to manage invasive species in agricultural areas throughout the state.

  2. Awards Committee

    The purpose of the Awards Committee is to review nominations for annual awards granted by the WWPC and to select award recipients. 

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  3. Biological Control Steering Committee

    The purpose of the Biological Control Steering Committee is to help facilitate the research and implementation of biological control projects in the state by organizing allocation of research funds to high priority projects and providing biocontrol knowledge and technical assistance to Weed and Pest Districts.

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  4. Corridors Committee

    The purpose of the Corridors Committee is to collaborate with private landowners, government agencies, and utility right-of-way companies to educate and provide guidelines for the short- and long-term management of invasive species in easements.

  5. Early Detection Rapid Response Committee

    The purpose of the Early Detection Rapid Response Committee is to increase awareness and participation of both Weed and Pest Districts and the public in identifying, preventing, and managing EDRR species that have the potential to invade our state. The committee also periodically reviews and proposes changes to the State Designated noxious species list.

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  6. Education Committee

    The Education Committee exists to increase public awareness of negative impacts of noxious weeds in the state.

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  7. Public Relations Committee

    The Public Relations Committee is a sub-committee under the Education Committee that is responsible for procuring promotional items that display the WWPC and/or PlayCleanGo logos and selling these items to the districts “at cost” to help them share their message and promote their programs.

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  8. Legislative Committee

    The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to promote the position of the WWPC with regards to legislation, policy or rules changes, or any other activity that could impact the Council’s goals of noxious weed and pest management

  9. GIS/Mapping Committee

    The purpose of the GIS/Mapping Committee is to advise, support, and advance the use of GIS/mapping technology in the use of invasive species management by the Wyoming Weed and Pest Districts.

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  10. Pesticide Container Recycling Committee

    The Pesticide Container Recycling Committee coordinates a program to collect the empty pesticide containers accumulated by Wyoming Weed and Pest Districts, compact them in a bailer, and ship them to a certified pesticide container recycling center.

  11. Salary & Benefits Committee

    The purpose of the Salary & Benefits Committee is to track the salary and benefits of personnel in each Weed and Pest district and make the information available to district boards for comparison.

  12. Scholarship Committee

    The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to raise funds for scholarships that will be awarded to Wyoming residents who are pursuing education in the fields of agriculture or natural resources.

  13. Weed Free Forage Committee

    The purpose of the Weed Free Forage and Gravel Committee is to increase awareness and participation in the North American Invasive Species Management Association’s Weed Free Forage & Gravel program and to coordinate this effort in Wyoming.

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Council Business Committees

Four “Council Business Committees” have been created by the WWPC to handle the business aspects of the Council. Each committee is composed of one member from each of the 6 Areas of the state.

WWPC Business Committees include:

    1. Audit Committee

      The Audit Committee oversees the fiscal activities of committees within the WWPC, advises committees on accounting procedures, and reports annually to the WWPC.

    2. Finance and Budget Committee

      The Finance and Budget Committee oversees the development of the Council’s annual budget and financial plans.

    3. Nominations Committee

      The Nominations Committee selects the nominees for the office of the President of the WWPC.

    4. The Resolutions and Bylaws Committee

      The Resolutions and By-laws Committee reviews submitted resolutions to make sure they meet the requirements of the WWPC and Wyoming state statutes, and evaluates and recommends revisions to the WWPC constitution and by-laws.


External Committees

The WWPC also appoints members to external committees that have requested representation from the Council. Council members appointed to external committees will represent the WWPC mission in all decisions made by that committee.

WWPC External Committees include:

    1. Black Footed Ferret Reintroduction Team

    2. NRCS State Technical

    3. Small Acreage Team

    4. State Groundwater

    5. Wyoming Alliance for Environmental Education

    6. Wyoming Weed Management Association